Antique Vintage Laces Trims

Antique Vintage Laces Trims Ribbons Buttons Sewing Re-Enactment Costuming

If you sew re-enactment or renaissance costumes, The Gatherings Antique Vintage is your perfect shopping stop for original laces, dress embellishments and sewing notions. It will certainly add a touch of authenticity to any costume. We also offer machine and handmade laces including bobbin, needle lace, tape lace, crochet, tatting and knitting.

Most laces offered are of lace yardage, however, tidbits of lace, fragment of lace garments etc. will be found here. Our lace tidbits and fragments of antique and vintage laces are perfectly suitable for doll dressmaking or other small sewing projects not requiring much yardage.


Instruction in silk embroidery and crocheting ~ First Edition ~ Belding Bros & Co. needlework instruction book. Although no date, I'm of the opinion it is 1880's - 1890's era. 80 pages including 15 colored plates of flowers and pillow covers.

1880 Belding Bros Embroidery Crochet Needlework Instruction Book

The 1920's saw an outstanding presentation of the beautiful ribbon rosette trim. This glorious type of trim in solids as well as color combinations was used extensively and not sparingly, in a lady's boudoir from small dresser items such as powder puffs, back of mirrors and dresser trays, just to name a few, to pillows, chaise covers and lampshades.

1920 Antique Silk Rayon Ribbon Rosette Dress Trim Yardage Crafts DIY Sewing

From the vintage flapper era, three hand beaded appliques on black tulle netting. Probably French in origin. These amazing Art Deco trims are so suitable for 1920's costuming or millinery hat trim of the period. Or why not think outside of the box and add the embellishment to any fashion style.

1920 Art Deco Beaded Tulle Dress Millinery Hat French Trim 3 Available

Two brick red Bakelite buttons in a neat design. The style and edge reminds me of a flower / petal. A two-hole sunken center conveys even more of a flower look. A pretty choice for crafting or other artistic expression.

2 Vintage 1930 1940 Red Bakelite Buttons Flower Petal Design 1-1/2 Diameter